Performance Art / Video Art
Date                     Feb  8, 2004  
Curator                 Puja Sood

Concept  Note :

Technology is often used merely as an illusory device in performances In "DUETS", 3 performance and video installations are brought to you by dancers and video artists who utilize technology as a technique for layering information. A seamless transition between live performance and recorded media, these short 'exhibition' pieces enumerate an artists' delight in the possibilities of new technology; Where live performers interact with filmed images and conversely where the filmed images of live performers shift the issue of what is 'real' (or true) and what is 'unreal'.
This exhibition/performance seeks to explore the cross fertilization between theatre, dance, film and video art.

Participating Artists

Ein Lall : Scheherazade At The White House  
Ella Christan Fiskum and Sudesh Adhana : The net of Pas de Deux  
Smita Bharti and Lucia king : At Play