Video Art from India and Pakistan
Date                     Mar 29, 2004
Curator                 Puja Sood

Concept  Note :

‘Along the X-axis: video art from India and Pakistan’– was a pioneering effort to bring together Pakistani new media artists along side their Indian counterparts. 8 acclaimed new media artists from Pakistan joined hands with 5 leading artists in India to showcase their exhibits on a common platform.
This exhibition/performance seeks to explore the cross fertilization between theatre, dance, film and video art.

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Participating Artists :

Art on Display : ‘STRATEGIES’

Huma Mulji : Ek ghanta chalees minute (2003)  
Sophie Ernst : Billboard (2003)  
Alia Syed : Eating Grass (2003)  
Navjot Altaf : Mumbai Meri Jaan (2004)
Hamra Abbas : Get a break (2003)
Art on Display : ‘GAME OVER’
Nalini Malani : Unity in Diversity (2003)
Rashid Rana : I love miniatures (2002)
Shahzia Sikandar : SpiNN (2003)
Bani Abidi : Game over (2003)
Art on Display : ‘I FIX MY EYE FIRMLY ON US ALL’
Vishal Dhar : I fix my eye firmly on us all 
Sophie Ernst : Foreigners (2003)
Baiju Parthan : 'FEED - What You See is What You Get'  
Subodh Gupta : Irrestistable attack (2003)
Aisha Khalid : Conversation  (2002)
Bani Abidi : Reconstruction (2003)
Rashid Rana : This picture is not at rest (2003)
Rashid Rana : Ten differences (2004)