A pioneering effort to bring together Pakistani new media artists along side their Indian counterparts


'In a graph, this is one of two lines that intersect at a right angle at their origins. The "X-axis" runs from right to left. In most analyses, the variable measured on the X-axis is considered to be the ‘independent variable’ :a variable that is identified outside the workings of the model.'

The exhibition “ Along the X axis: video art from India and Pakistan ’’ attempts to connect dots along a neutral lateral axis. Presenting a variety of digital art works by artists in both countries, the art works coincidentally resonate parallel to each other at various levels: both conceptual and visual. ‘Independent variables’ on the same axis, the artists in both countries, explore variously, their changing urban spaces, the impact of globalization, the Iraq war, voyeurism , even the notion of painting per se. Particular to their contexts, the works are witty ,subversive, gentle and rude.

This exhibition is not about Indo-Pak relations. It is not about politics and partition and pain and suspicion – and all the loaded connotations that come to mind when we speak of India and Pakistan. It does not pretend to bridge the perceived yawning gap between us.

‘Along the X axis’ is curated by Pooja Sood, is the first time that digital work from Pakistan will be on view in India.

The participating artists are: Nalini Malani, Subodh Gupta, Navjot Altaf , Baiju Prathan from India and Bani Abidi, Shahzia Sikander, Aisha Khalid, Rashid Rana , Hamra Abbas and Sophie Ernst from Pakistan.

Short films by artists in India and Pakistan will also be on view.

This exhibition presents a selection of vivid displays in digital art, which are independent expressions by the artists. These reflect a multitude of emotions, partly shared and partly exclusive to Pakistan and India, each crafted into visually impressive installations. Through the installation, the artists deal with a plethora of emotions like changing urban spaces, the impact of globalization, the Iraq war, voyeurism, and the notion of painting. Mirroring ideas and concerns in both countries, the works mainly articulate individual manifestations of fears and happiness etc.

Speaking about the forthcoming exhibition, Ms. Priti Paul, Director, Apeejay Surrendra Group, said, “Apeejay Media Gallery has been a proud host of several events in the past, with participation from international and Indian Artists alike. This event is special because for the first time Apeejay Media Gallery creates a platform for work done by artists from Pakistan. The shared cultural roots between the two countries add to an uncanny resemblance to our lives and our times. This exhibition is not about Indo-Pak relationships. It is about reaching a common platform through Video Art, it is about a shared feeling of aesthetism. This exciting and soul stirring exhibition will arrest your attention with an uncanny resemblance to the world around.”