Art & Design, Art & Fashion and Art & Life have so much in common. Art is all about aesthetics and design is about aesthetics and utility. From time immemorial, ancient texts have prescribed norms for art, aesthetics and design. Today it has become a way of life since we have imbibed the aesthetic over generations. Yet each sensibility today has been separated into visual art,design, craft, performing art, literature etc. There is a broad demarcation.This exhibition is a conscious effort to cross Art & Design in a deliberate way by arranging combinations of one designer with one fine artist as they collaborate to produce works of utility and works of Art. This is the first of a series of cross-disciplinary shows that Apparao Galleries will present.
Participating Artists
Priti Paul and Bharti Kher have worked as a team to produce an entire installation in stainless steel,inviting the viewer to become part of their creation.
Anupam Poddar and Anita Dube have worked on reinventing and reincarnating the use of fabric deliberately using it in unusual sculptural ensembles. Subodh Gupta has also worked with Anupam Poddar on a series of objects related to life and anatomy.
Vibhor Sogani and Puja Nayyar have put together a series of light sculptures in metal and soft surfaces to accentuate moods in spaces through colours and forms.
The A. Balasubramaniam and Nirmala Rudra team have combined their austere approach to create fully crafted minimalist objects with the idea of spaces within spaces.
Rajiv Saini and Sudarshan Shetty are creating witty furniture with an element of evocative sexual innuendos.