Video/Object Installation with Sound
Three Channel Projection. Text . Sculpture



Part I : 4 Minutes   Part II : 4 Minutes
Part III : 3 Minutes

'Between Memory and History’ is an interactive work, consisting of audios titled: ‘Voices of Reflection’ and videos Titled: 'Images of Images and Images in Images’ and music and the text.
The work is about reviewing the artistic representations of certain events/holocausts and the dwindling but tenacious presence of the past in individual and collective memory. In the process of making this work I engaged myself with questioning my position as a witness from distinct levels – the level of being a witness to oneself within the experience; the level of being a witness to the testimonies of other effected survivors and the level of being a witness to the process of witnessing itself. The paper ribbons contain superimposed text.

Text : The text incorporated from various national and international publications include: creative writings, historical documentation, writings from catalogues of artists, journals, sociological and psychoanalytical studies related to the subject.

Music:   ‘Alaap’ (a slow paced music piece with which the singer begins and is known to be very unique to Indian music). It is a contemplative piece of music, which acts as a balm to the frayed nerves. The gradual heightening of rhythmic energy is symptomatic of hope. And ‘Tarana’ is a song constituting of nonsense syllables , tarana – was conceived by the legendary sufi poet/ musician – Amir Khusro nearly five hundred years ago. (Legend has it that he was asked to prove himself in a musical combat with Gopal Nayak another great singer. Nayak began to sing Sanskrit verses and since Khusro did not know the language his instant response was the nonsense syllables set to music in the raga (not known) which came to be known as tarana…)

* the piece is sung in raga Ahilya Bilwal; Tanpura/ Voice – Amarendra
Dhaneshwar; Violin Accomp – Milind Raikar

This work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern, London UK ,at the exhibition ‘Century City’ in 2000; at the Sakshi Art Gallery,Mumbai –2001 and A-ORTA-PROJEKT- contemporary indian art 2001-2002at BBK KUNSTFORUM,DUSSELDORF,GERMANY.