Replacing reality with its representation
Date                                    February 26 - 27, 2005                      
Curator                                Vishal Dhar

Through simulation, simulacra become real. Image and information is distorted through every median it travels through, and this distortion turns reality into a hyper reality that each one of us is living in.

Dot-matrix brings together a unique group of artists, designers and scientists, from around the world, into a common space to express, through their artwork their individual perspective of reality. A reality that is not and never has been an Absolute. But in fact it’s the most interactive life long experience that we all go through.

Any form of media constructs our cultural representation of the world. New media objects – be it a website, a computer game, or a digital image – helps us represent some sort of an outside referent.

Each participant, whether an artist, a designer or a scientist, brings his/her own unique perspective of reality to the exhibition space that encourages it to exist on multiple planes.

Participating Artists


Jean Piere :
‘I am RA’: "I am Ra" is an Audio-Visual Installation, fusing Video, 2D and 3D graphics and a powerful soundtrack taking you on an astral journey beyond the senses. Follow Cecile as she travels in dream-like environment, dives into the sun and emerges filled with cosmic energy and ancestral knowledge.

Manish Arora

: ‘LSD/LCD’: Mutant materiality, fashion technology, electronic patterns collide in a common space of surreal order3
Tarun Rawat : 'Untitled’.
Eitan Mendelotiz :
'little RED’ : little RED is anti-censor ware. Armed with a list of obsecenities allegedly used by AOL to censor their chat rooms, little RED reveals the vulgar and the prurient subtext in the classic children’s tale ‘little Red Ridding Hood’
Toshi : ‘ASCII ROCK’: When Vuk Cosic combined his ascii movie making skills with Alexei Shulgin's midi pop rock skills, the genre of ascii music videos was born. Now c505's Yoshi Sodeoka continues the tradition in gloriously green Quicktime with 'ASCII Rock'.
Tenzin Wangchuk :
‘CLONE’: In the west current scientific developments in cloning and embryonic stem cells seems far from virtual, causing many to question their own faiths. In my series ‘perfected states’ the physical, metaphysical and taboo become very real, photo-real.
Victoria Vesna / Jim : ‘cell ghost’: This work captures the viewer moving through space with a live camera, with their image projected in particles that is stored in memory and appear later as a ghost.