"French Poster Art" brings to you the best collection of posters that developed in the middle of the 19th century, which holds testimony to the transformation of our societies. In France, the poster right from the beginning played a crucial role. Génération after génération the French graphic artists gave it a style of its own. As far as the form is concerned, it takes into account the contemporary trends in style which always keep pace with the trends in plastic arts.

The French Poster Art exhibition is the perfect sociological, political and aesthetical mirror of the French society of the last five decades. Through the aesthetic evolution of the posters, one can also discover the evolution of the taste and identity of the French people from 1950 till today. Since 1950 as new products appeared in the markets, there began in France a new period. A period wherein the aim of each one became the acquiring of the modern goods. So the entire exhibition can be subtitled: How the French Society discovers the consumer's way of life

Participating Artists

About the Exhibition : An Introduction by Alain Weil

Raymond Savignac,Bernard Villemot,Paul Colin,Hervé Morvan, André François, Nathan (Jacques Garamond, dit), Jacques Auriac, Roger Excoffon, Georges Mathieu, Charles Kiffer,Jean-Denis Malcles, René Gruau,Pierre-Laurent Brenot, Marcel Jacno, Jean Widmer, Roman Cieslewicz, Jean Jacquelin,René Ferracci,Bob Delpire, William, Klein,Atelier Populaire, Maurice (dit Bob) Sine, Jean-Marc Reiser, Georges Wolinski, Roland Topor, Tomi Ungerer, Pierre Aleschinsky, Jean-Michel Folon, Christian Chapiron (known as Kiki Picasso in the 1970s, later as Kiki),Michel Quarez, Alain Le Quernec,Michel Bouvet, Pierre Peyrolle, Philippe Morillon, Cesare Andreini, Michal Batory, Ronald Curchod,Pascal Colrat, Catherine Zask, Philippe Apeloig, Grapus (a collective of creators established by Gérard Paris-Clavel, Pierre Bernard and François Miehe), L'Atelier de Création Graphique, Nous Travaillons Ensemble, Gérard Paris-Clavel, M/M (formed by Michaël Amsalag and Mathias Angustyniak), Ogilvy & Mather, Paris.