Limen in Latin means 'threshold'. In the exhibition Liminal Zones artists Ranbir Kaleka, Vivan Sundaram and Navjot Altaf seek to describe a metaphorical threshold in between different states or realities. An intuitive introspection between abstraction and meaning, the exhibition explores the shifting and elusive thresholds between event and testimony; systems of order and chaos mixed with intentions of artifice - thresholds where light becomes movement and all that is solid melts into darkness. The artists in the exhibition are interested in those moments when perception is momentarily put into question and the liminal is revealed, challenging the viewer to make connections between one context and another.

Participating Artists

Ranbir Kaleka : Man in water, video installation with sound, 2003

Vivan Sundaram

: Tracking, video installation with sound, 2003

Navjot Altaf  

: Lacuna in Testimony, video installation with sound, 2003