CURATOR : Apeejay Media Gallery in collaboration with The Embassy of Switzerland IN INDIA

"Mental surgery" brings a less well-known but still very truly Swiss feature - electronic music, games and video art. The work of the artists Nathalie Novarina - Marcel Croubalian centres around the idea of video games and the relationship of the human being to the virtual reality that surrounds him. The selection of the art pieces to be displayed is as follows. This highly interactive exhibition will allow the viewer/player to travel between artfully crafted video games and playful works of art. Alongside the artwork itself, the only commercial video game, “Water Race”, that has been realised so far in Switzerland will be available to the public for playing during the entire exhibition.

Swiss DJ / Sound artist, Morpho, was invited to perform his electronic compositions at the show.


Participating Artists
Nathalie Novarina - Marcel Croubalian
4 P.M. to Adopt.  1998
ED. 2000
Feel Human. 1999
Happiness Sample Section. 2001
Hybrid Systems.   2002
Mental Fitness .   2000
Mental Surgery Project .   1999
Water Race