The idea for The Smoked Mirror takes both from a long tradition of founded and unfounded parallelism drawn between India and Mexico by a number of artists and intellectuals, and from my personal experience in navigating cities and crowds that seems both strangely familiar to the senses and utterly cryptic in their motivations and inner workings. In between one can find a buffer zone of possible interpretation: taking advantage of the part of the mind that is still halfway down the road to Delhi (and which will probably never make it here) one can picture oneself in front of it all in a tongue-in-cheek yogic exercise. This döppelganger in India, being simultaneously here and thousands of miles away depending on the perspective one takes, embodies the unreal status of the distance traveled, together with the human need to be actually there, regardless of the possibilities of dematerialized presence trumpeted by satellite communications, telepresence gurus and other IT fads.

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Participating Artists

Francis Alys (1959)

Claudia Fernandez (1964)

Gabriela Galvan (1974)

Ariel Guzik

Fernando Palomar (1967)

Laureana Toledo (1970)

Pablo Vargas-Lugo (1968)