4 channel video installation


The 4 channel video installation centers on the incident that happened at the Najaj on the 31st March 2003 when a car full of women and children was shot at by American soldiers at a check point, killing ten of the
Why Scheherazade?

- Because she countered
- Stupidity with Intelligence
- Aggression with Art
- Death dealing with Life Giving.

Why in 2004?

Because the senseless revenge killing that King Shahriyar took cold-blooded responsibility for, in a 10th century story, is happening for real in the Bush and Blair World of Today

Video installation with Dancer:

The video installation binds the dancer to a story centering on the story of the incident that happened at Najaf on 1st April 2003- where a car full of women and children was shot at by American soldiers at a check point; killing most of them.

There are four versions of this story, which are all 'related' by the dancer, who has now become a sort of Scheherazade figure. Maybe the installation will be called 'Now Shahriyar sleeps at the White House'.

For me the shooting of Iraqi women and children symbolizes the violence inherent in American society now spewing itself all over the world. I am juxtaposing images of shoot-outs from popular American films from the last 10 years to indicate this.

The image track will consists of: Car shootouts x footage from the Iraq war x the dancer.

The sound track will consists of: Sound track taken from American video (war) games x Philip Glass x A sufi song about Baghdad.