Sound Installtion / Live Performance

 30 Minutes

Jean Francois Cavro is a sound artist and his raw material is the city: a living city. Over the years he has developed musical works belonging to dialy life. Since the middle of the last century, industrialization and mechanization have imposed on the cities a new sound mapping. Cities accept their new sound identity and shape them according to their own code. Every major city of the world has a distinctive urban flow: car traffic, air conditioners anonymous conversations, street musician, vendors: London does not sound the same as Paris and Bueons Aires does not sound like New Delhi. As a composer, the musical work of Jean Francois Carvo explores the links between instruments, live electronics, concrete sounds and urban soundscapes. His main concern is to create a virtual consistent city by means of sound (natural sounds, instruments of the orchestra, electronic or concrete sounds, instant recordings sound portraits) Each instant of Jean Francois Cavro’ music is self-sufficient. Music is everything where we live and his whole work attempts to answer the question “today where do we live and what do we have to listed to?”. This simple question reveals to us all the interest of a musical and sound composition created in an urban context. His music was awarded and performed in various contemporary music competitions and festivals. Jean Francois Cavro graduated in composition, electronic and computer music from the Conservatoire National de regions (under the direction of Denis Dufour) and from the Conservatorie National Superieur de musique in Lyon. He also studied XXth century musiclology at IRCAM (Institute of research and Coordination Accoustic san Music) in Paris.