Single Channel Video with Sound

One Monitor

4  minutes


This piece is an improvisation based on a real conversation that I witnessed. I played both characters myself for diplomatic interests but it turned out the other way. Viewers in Europe identify me with the guy using his fingers while people back home tend to take the real me for the anglicized fork and knife user.

"Hmm" said Mr X , " the food is quite good , is'nt it ?"

" Well, its not bad " says Mr Y, "it would have been worse. Hey you're eating with your hand again, you barbarian !"

Its who is the barbarian says Mr X pointing at Mr Y's knife and fork , "look at the waepons you use".

" You see, the advantage of eating with afork and a knife is that you don't risk burning your fingers," says Mr Y.

" The advantage of eating with your fingers," says Mr X, " Is that you don't risk burning your mouth."

"Alright then, you win," says Mr Y.

" Then you shoulf put your fork and knife and eat with your fingers." Mr X says.

"Alright then," says Mr X,
"I lose"

" Why should I ?" retorts Mr Y. " I've never burnt my mouth eating with fork and knife."

" But you know " says Mr Y. " I once heard of somebody who cut his tip very badly while eating with fork & knife."

"Is it ? Well a friend of mine.... a very close friend of mine in fact ," says Mr X, swallowing a mouthful unchewed. " once bit off a piece of his finger while eating a gulab-jamun with his bare hands."