Alain Weill

Born on 7 September 1946, at Paris
Expert in graphic arts and advertisements

Qualifications    Postgraduate degree in law 
M.Phil in semiology and sociology of arts and literature
Degree from Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, VIth section
Since 2001 President, Autres Directions, Public Workshop for Graphic Expressions, SaintDenis
2000  Jury Member, Bienal International del Cartel, Meixico Curator of the exhibition “50 years of postwar French posters since”, Tokyo, Hillside Forum, 22 August – 17 September
Fall 1999            Curator of the exhibition "Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll"  Mois du graphisme d4Echirolles  12 November4 December
Spring 1999         Curator of the exhibition "The origin of the contemporary French poster 19501990, French Institute,
Tel Aviv, 25 February25 April
1998 - 2000    President of the National Council of Culinary Arts  
Mar  1998    

President of Jury for “Die 100 besten Plakate des jahres 1997”, Berlin Jury member  of O.B.I., New York  

1990 - 2001     Delegate General of the International Meeting  of Graphic Arts, Chaumont, since  founding of this annual event  
1995 - 1996    Visiting Professor of visual communications at the Karisruhe University, Germany  
1993 - 1997     Technical Advisor for the Suntory Museum, Osaka
Curator of the Cassandre Retrospective: “Every face of the great Master Cassandre” – 27 June to 27 August 1995  
1975 - 1990         Curator of several exhibitions, especially in Japan (more than 10), U.S.A., Canada, Belgium Guest Curator at the Georges Pompidou Centre: Tatouages, cafes, bistrots et cie – 1978, les annees 50 – 1988, Art & Publicity – 1990 and at the Orsay Museum – 1988.
1988   Special assignment at the Ministry of Cuolture and Communication (Culinary art)  
1986 -87- 88 DelegateGeneral for the Mois de l’Affiche (Paris, Bordeaux)  
1985    Special assignment at the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Graphic arts and Publicity art)  
1971 - 1983   Curator at the Bibliotheque des Arts Decoratifs, later at the Museum of Posters Director, Museum of Publicity, rue de Paradis, Paris
 Jury Member of several national and international events in the area of graphic and publicity arts ( Europe, United States, Japan, Lebenon, Israel)

Author of several works in the area of graphic and publicity arts

“Chocolate Posters’, with Israel Perry – 2002. Queen Art Publishers Inc, N.Y.

“Tribute to Henri de ToulouseLautrec 19012001: Le Nouveau Salon des Cent’, international exhibition of posters, presented by Alain Weill – 2002, Editions Odyssee, Graulhet, france / exhibition on display at the Georges Pompidou Centre from 19/11 to 19/12/2001

“The Masters of the poster 1900” – Bibliotheque de l’Image, Paris 2001

“El Espectacolo esta en la calle/El cartel Moderno Frances” – Exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid(15 nov 200121 jan 2002) – Participation : text “les Mousquetaires a Paris – Edition du Musee/Aldeasa, Madrid, 2001

“Qui commande?” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – Catalogue of the 12th International Meeting of Graphics Arts, Chaumon – 2000. Edition du Festival d’Affiches, Chaumont

“L’Engagement social et politiaue” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – catalogue of the 11th international meeting of graphic arts, Chaumon t – 2000, Edition du Festival d’Affiches – Chaumont

“La Mode Parisienne – La Gazette du Bon Ton, 19121925”, 2000, Bibliotheque de l’Image, Paris

“Musiques” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – Catalogue of the 10th International Meeting of graphic Arts, Chaumont – 1999, Edition du Festival d’Affiches – Chaumont

“Les raciness de l’affiches francaises contemporaine 19501990 (under the guidance of Alain Weill) Exhibition catalogue – 1999, Edition Ecole Vital & Institut Francais de TelAviv

 “La PhotoGraphie” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – catalogue of the 8th International Meeting of Graphic Arts, Chaumont – 1997, Edition du Festival d’Affiche – Chaumont

 “Francis Bernard, affichiste” – introduction to the exhibition catalogue – New York, April 1997 – Nicolas Bailly & Chisholm Gallery

“The 100 Best Posters from Europe and the United States, 19451990” (under the guidance of Alain Weill), catalogue – 1995, Toppan Printing Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

 “Every face of the great master Cassandre” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – catalogue of Cassandre retrospective – 1995, Suntory Museum, Osaka, Japan

 “Affiches politiques et socials” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – catalogue des 6th International Meeting of Graphic Arts, Chaumont – 1995, Somogy, Paris

“Les maitres de l’affiche: Cassandre” – Bibliogheque de l’Image, Paris, 1995

 “L’invitation au voyage : affiche de tourisme dans le monde” – Somogy, Paris, 1994

 “Exposons, affichons” (under the guidance of Alain Weill) – Catalogue of the 5th international meeting of graphic arts, Chaumont – 1994 – Somogy, Paris

“Jazz, pop, rock” (under the guidance of Alain Weill  catalogue of the 4th international meeting of graphic arts, Chaumont- 1993 – Somogy, Paris

“Affiches Art Deco” – Inter-livres, Paris- 1990 (A new edition published by the Bibliotheque de l’Image, Paris – 1998)

“Paul Colin, affichiste” – Editions Denoel – 1989 (with Jack Rennert)

“Guide Mayer des ventes d’affiches 1980-1985” – Editions Mayer – 1987

“Memoire de la rue” – Editions W.M. – 1986

 “Nectar comme Nicolas” – Edtions Herscher, Paris – 1986

“L’affiche dans le monde” – Editions Somogy, Paris – 1984 (updated 1991)

 “Alphonse Mucha” – Editions Hjert & Hjert – 1984 (avec Jack Rennert)

 “Les annees 50” – Editions Le Dernier Terrain Vague, Paris – 1983

 “Catalogue raisonne des cartes postales de Mucha” – Editions Hjert & Hjert – 1983

 “L’Affiche francaise “ – P.U.F.  Collectin “Que sais-je” – 1981 (A Japanese edition in 1995)

 “Capagnes publicitaires” – Editions Menges – 1980

 “Les Maitres de l’affiche”, introduction at the reprint – Editions Images Graphiques New-York – 1978

 “Cartes postales Art Nouveau” – Images Graphiaues, New York – 1977

 “Cent ans d’affiches de Music-Halls parisiens” – Images Graphiques, New York – 1976

 Articles in national and international publications, especially for Beaux-Arts, Graphis, Creation, Idea (Japanese magazine), etc…

In publicity area :

Since 1987     Advisor to president, Affichage Dauphin/Clear Channel.  All areas of productions: in this capacity, conducted   round table meetings; conception of  marketing strategy for the most important agencies and publicity houses (Danone, Nestle, Renault groups …)  
1983-1993     : Secretary-General of the Grand Prix International de l’Affichage organized by the European Federation of the External Publicity (F.E,P.E.)
Since 1991     : President of  EPICA Publicity Jury (grand prix for the specialized  European publicity press)  
Since 1993     :

Chairman of “CRESTA Awards” organized at New York by International Advertising Agencies Association (I.A.A.)  


Jury member for the most important international competitions

(O.B.I. – USA ; Golden Bee – Moscow ; Jagda – Tokyo, etc.)

In the area of gastronomy :

- Culinary critic at the Evenement du Jeudi (from its beginning to 1991)
- Several articles for Vogue, Lui, Le Jardin des Modes, etc…
- Jury member of several culinary events
- Special assignment at the Ministry of Culture, Communications and Grand Constructions for constituting the National  Council for Culinary Arts (1988 / 1989)
- Member of National Council for Culinary Arts, President of the Deontological Commission; in this capacity, responsible for the inventory of know-how of agricultural and food traditions
- Member of editorial committee of Larousse Gastronomiaue (1995-1996)
- Consultant for  Image & Culture : Moet and Chandon (1988 / 1991)
- 1993        :  Graphic work for Lucas Carton (with Alberto Bali)
- 1994 - 95 :  Graphic work, décor, vessels…Restaurant Joel Robuchon (with A.Bali)
- 1995 - 96 :  Décor wine cave, graphic work:  Le Carre des Feuillants, A. Dutournier (with A.Bali)

A number of awards and honours : 

Chevalier du Tastevin Compagnon du Beaujolais Compagnon des Gosiers Secs (Beaujolais) Chevalier de la Jurade Saint-Emillon Chevalier des Vins Blancs Liquoreux de Bordeaux

Chevalier des Sacavins de la Loire  

Compagnon des Grands Echansons  

Chevalier des Tastevins de Suresnes

Author of :

 “Les cocktails” (with M Herve Chayette0 – Nathan, 1988  
 “le Havane” – Nathan, 1990

Member of Gastronomic Committee presided by Joel Robuchon for the “Larousse Gastronomiaue” – Editions    Larousse-Bordas, 1996

-Officier de l’Ordre du Merite Agricole – January 1998

-Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres – 1997

-Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Merite - 1995