The title, What Has Befallen Us, Barbad? , is taken from a short story by this name written by Houshang Golshiri. In the story, Barbad is a five-year old boy who has witnessed what has been done to his father in the prison of Islamic Republic of Iran. Barbad stops talking and never describes what he has witnessed. Instead of talking, he draws childish but horrifying paintings. My name and my life are taken from this character.

The short story itself has a hypotext. In Sassanid period, Khosrow Parviz (the Persian king) had a magnificent horse called Shabdiz. Parviz loved his horse frantically and had said that he would kill the one who brought the news of Shabdiz’s death. Shabdiz dies and no one dares to bring the news to the king. Barbad, The courtier musician, comes and plays so sadly that makes the King ask: “has Shabdiz died?”

In my work, Barbad, who is the artist, is mourning what has befallen him and us in a traditional manner.

On the other hand, What Has Befallen Us, Barbad? is about Art Praxis: is on my Faustian experience; Selling not just my soul, but also my body. That is why I chose Body Art and I chose myself as the subject of the Praxis. This piece is about exhausting myself with Art, but not for any rewards or exalted goals. It is just because of my addiction; because of the cancer of time: a poor habit. For nothing, if you prefer.