French Video Art
Date December 18 – 19, 2004  
Curator Pooja Sood
Michel Nuridsany (Guest Curator)
Concept  Note

Video art isn’t a trend, it’s today’s main form of art, the same way photography was the main form of art of the 1970’s.The funniest, shortest, most poetic and avant-garde inventions are created through video art.

How can one describe French video art ? If I have chosen to name this exhibition “Fraîcheur de vivre” (A whiff of life) it is precisely because of all this talent, this drive, this enthusiasm, this joyful youth. Most of the video works are recent, some very recent. They have mostly been created by young artists, some of them still studying in Fine Arts schools. But I felt that the structure of the exhibition should be set by the works of “wise men” of the likes of Leccia, Ruggirello, Négro, who have retained their freshness through time.

As for the presence of female artists (half of the selected artists), it was a quite natural choice. Among today’s young artists (and video art is performed mostly by young artists), women are placed on an equal footing with men. Through these 30 videos, I wish a “whiff of life” for one and alls.
 Michel Nuridsany

Participating Artists
Sandy Amerio: “Waiting Time/Romania” s (2002)
Véronique Boudier : “Enlever au doigt“
Haris Epaminonda : “Nemesis 52 (2003)
Judit Kurtag : "Les veilleurs" (2003)
An-chi Liu : "Apocalypse" (2003)
Saverio Lucariello : "Les choses en soi" (2001)
Sumi Moon : "sumi@maro" (2002) and "myworld" (2OO3)
Marylène NEGRO : "Pièce matinale " (2001)
Cécile Paris "Bianca " (2002)
Mathieu Rouget : "Pour Maman"
Jeanne Susplugas : "Remote" (2003)
Nicole Tran Ba Vang : "détail" (1999)
Gilles Barbier: “Le discours" (2000-2004)
Claude Closky: “Double six" (1994)
Isabelle Ferreira : “Tableau de 8 minutes"
Ange Leccia "La mer " (2001)
Julien Lousteau : "DeWind" (2001)
Mathieu Mercier :"Red and Blue Blast" (2002)
Nicolas Moulin : "NUN1234" (2004)
Elise Parre "Echo" (2002)
Jean-Claude Ruggirello: "Angström" (1994)
Lionel Sabatte : "Nuage code", "Nuage qui fume", "Baiser de nuage", "Vol " (2003)
Muriel Toulemonde : "Fabeltier"

Yi Zhou : « OneOfTheseDays » (2004)