Video/Object Installation with Sound

Five Channel Projection. Multi Monotors. Bamboo  and Jute Construction.

BETWEEN THE STRUCTURES : 2 Minutes 8 Seconds
I CAN SEE YOU ALL : 2 Minutes 1 Seconds
I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING : 2 Minutes 45 Seconds
I WANT TO FLY : 6 Minutes
TRYING TO FLY ( Live Performance ): 10 Minutes

'Reduced Spaces' is a video installation about an experience of fragmented spaces, about creating a field of obstruction and at the same time trying to break it.

The protagonist of the video is the urban woman struggling to cope with the claustrophobia, alienation and consumerism of the urban city of today. She struggles to move on, to be able to be free to express in the face of obstructions - the structures and the boundaries existing within and around her. She tries to connect to her community and the world outside but at the same time is aware of the isolation and the alienation of her time and space.

There will be live performance during the viewing.

This exhibition has been viewed in Mumbai at Gallery Chemould and in Bangalore at the Sumukha Gallery.
It has been sponsored by the Prince Claus Foundation, The Netherlands.


These films were seen within the walk-in-sculptures, which was a bamboo-and-jute cloth scaffolding installed in the sculpture courtyard of Apeejay Media Gallery. The structure served to create afield of obstruction for the viewer while allowing free movement within to view the works. As the viewer walked through this sculpture. through the dark narrow passage and the staircase, s/he was drawn into the claustrophobia which the protagonist in the film was also experiencing. The projected images in the films were larger-than-life and repeated simeltenously on several monitors to create a sense of discomfort and unease, a feeling that was heightened by the use of sound.

While the video is the illusion of the iamgery and reamins constant, live performance are by their very nature physical and variable , fluid and changing from moment to moment . The contrary charecters of these two form of communication created new artistic possibilities for the artist. So the dance was performed against a simeltenous video projection of the same. Its movements, inspired by Tai=Chai drew their energy from the body, the cosmos, and the earth, a powerful explosion of energy contrasting the simeltenous repression within the restricted sapce.