Single Channel Video Projection with Sound

 12 Minutes


The images in the video show a being continuously buried under waste. Whether it is paper, wood waste, ash or flowers every use is manifest by a residue, which we term as waste. In present context 'waste' is a loaded term. It not only characterizes the city and its living but also reflects the contradiction within it as someone’s waste becomes another means of livelihood, problematising the whole notion of what constitutes the act of throwing away of being not wanted. The other dimension the video deals the being in a stasis is locked into this eternal cycle of burial and exhumation. We are in a state of continuous burial as our own waste drowns and chokes us physically, psychologically and metaphorically and this process is marked by a perpetual resistance to it as we always try to dig ourselves for a breathe of air. It is this struggle to live and to breathe that marks the self that we build for ourselves. The audio of this work also traces this cycles as the sonorous chant (Gregorian Byzantine Chants) invoking the otherworldly metaphysicality fades in and out with harsh noises of real life competing yet existing on the same plane as the other of each other.