Shakuntala Kulkarni

Shakuntala Kulkarni was born in 1950 in Dharwar, Karnataka. She studied painting at the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Since 1975, she has attended several workshops in the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda, Kala Bhavan in Santiniketan and Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi. She has also participated in an interdisciplinary theatre workshop with her installation ‘Beyond Proscenium’ at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai. Going beyond graphics, she has worked with other media such as painting, textile, sculpture and more recently, video. Her varied interests and influences have led to new explorations in the three dimensional space with particular emphasis on the conflict and collision between recorded images and live performance. She addresses different aspects of the oppression of women, using the female body as her starting point. She has also worked on outdoor educational projects and organised art workshops with school children, slum children and tribal women in Bastar. Shakuntala Kulkarni lives and works in Mumbai.  


Grand Mothers Stories

Single Channel Video (On-Going Project)
2003 Tepantorer Roop Katha (The Tepantore Fairy Tales) Single Channel Video. 19 Minutes 58 Seconds
2003 Hands Single Channel Video. 3 Minutes 43 Seconds
2002 Confinement Single Channel Video. 3 Minutes
2001/2000 Reduced Spaces Multi Channel Video, Multi Monitor Installation
5 Videos:
2001 - I Can See You All. 2 Minutes 1 Second
2001 - I Want To Say Something. 2 Minutes 45 Seconds
2001 - Through The Door. 3 Minutes 24 Seconds
2001 - I Want To Fly. 6 Minutes
2000 - Between The Structures. 2 Minutes 8 Seconds