Sheba Chhachhi

Sheba Chhachhi was born in 1958 in Harar, Ethiopia. She studied at Delhi University, National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, and the Chitrabani Centre for Social Communications in Kolkata. In 1980, she co-established Lifetools, a design and communications studio working with a wide range of graphic, photographic and audio-visual media on social/developmental issues. Photography became her main medium and over the next seventeen years, she created an impressive body of photographic work. In 1988, she began working with terracotta and bronze, making pottery and sculpture at various studios in India and abroad. From 1993, she also started working with installations using photographs, text, sculpture, found objects and more recently, video, sound and light. As a photographer, artist and activist, she works with these different media in diverse social contexts: galleries, women’s groups (both rural and urban), educational institutions and museums. These works are informed by critical visions on the position of women in India today. Sheba Chhachhi lives and works in New Delhi.


2002 Neelkanth Single Channel Video/Object Installation. 5 Minutes 35 Seconds
2002 Warrior/Saint Single Channel Video/Object Installation. 6 Minutes
1999 Raktpushp II (Blood Flower) Single Channel Video/Object Installation. 9 Minutes