Ella Fiskum and Sudesh Adhana 

Title: The Net of Pas De Deux 
Performance, video and sound

Venue: Apeejay Media Gallery 

Choreographer :   Ella Christina Fiskum
Co Choreographer:  Sudesh Adhana
Set Design, Concept : Sudesh Adhana
Set Design Development: Ella Christina Fiskum and Tomasz B. Ozdowski
Dancers: Sudesh Adhana and Ella Christina Fiskum
Light Designer: Ruth Marie Bottheim
Sound Designers: Ulf Knudsen and Sudesh Adhana 
Video Concept Developer: Ranbir Kaleka
Video Editor:  Ella Christina Fiskum
Live video and execution:  Surajit Sarkar
Costumes:  Ella Christina Fiskum and Sudesh Adhana in collaboration with Shalu 
Seam Net: FlåRønning A/S, preparation and hand stitch: Hilde Rønning
Producer:  Ella Christina Fiskum 
Assistant producer, Pre Production: Afroditi Kamakari 
Responsible of Project: Ella Christina Fiskum
Funded by: Norwegian Cultural Council (Norsk Kulturfond), Royal Norwegian Embassy, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere.

Concept:   "The Net of Pas De Deux" is a duet exploring the tension between life and death, reversing the way these two concepts are usually constructed. 

Two poles, two worlds, are balancing in a synthesis of intensive and explosive movements on the surface of an elevated net. Covering the space with momentum on the elevation, pulled between being human and animal, being self-destructive and divine, sacred and sinful. 

Guided by their desire, and driven in a constant creation of many little lives and deaths of oneself, balancing the parts of themselves that they need to kill and let live, in order to be together, they are willing to go into an adventure for the extreme.
Simultaneously surrounding the space and altering the performance using projected light, sound and live video, connecting the real image with the virtual image of our thoughts.